Most Popular Questions

1. What results can I get?

There are over 300 factors in SEO and each case is different, if your site is not penalized or limited in any way by other factors, then you should see an increase in ranking. If not, you will get a full refund.

2. Will I get to the first page of Google?

If your site has other factors in place, like quality content, user-friendly website, social activity, age, and your niche is not very competitive, its possible to get to the first page.

3. When will I see results?

We see results on average within 45 days. Google works like that, so please be patient, you may see some fluctuation, it’s normal. If within 60 days you won’t see positive results, provide your ranktracker screenshot and I will help you or get you a full refund.

4. What niches and languages are accepted?

All languages are accepted, the non-English sites will have to submit their content, or I will use the English one. All niches all accepted, until it’s nothing illegal. Make sure your URL is not too long and contains only latin characters/letters.

5. Is this SEO service safe for my website?

Yes. This service use only safe and white hat methods to help you rank higher in search engines. We will not put in danger any of our clients as we know if a customers business grow our services thrust grow as well .

6. What method you use?

We only follow Google webmaster guidelines to rank your site

7. What Information will I need to give you ?

To get started, we’ll need your site URL and up to 3 keywords that you’d like to be found for, a short description of your site would be great too.

8. Do you do keyword research in your services as well?

Yes, we do keyword research for you and send you to list you of ideas and you need to select finalized keywords from it.

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